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Cannabis Toxicity and Pets

“Research is just now beginning on the use of marijuana in animals. There is considerable interest, but it will be some time before answers will be available. As with any veterinary drug we would support a cautious approach to ensure safety and efficacy through the application of sound science. In line with that it is essential that risk to patients from accidental ingestion of medication be mitigated. We are aware, however, of Canadian companies who have an interest in developing oral veterinary products, especially for use in companion animals. We acknowledge that that we are in the midst of rapid

Update on Health Canada’s Regulatory Amendments

From CVMA, Dec 12, 2018: Veterinary oversight of antimicrobial use is being strengthened in Canada as part of the fight against antimicrobial resistance. This means important changes for you as a practitioner and for the veterinary profession. Health Canada is moving a number of Medically Important Antimicrobials (MIAs) approved for veterinary use before 2004 to the Prescription Drug List (PDL). With this change, Health Canada will establish the same level of oversight for those MIAs approved before 2004 as for those approved after. As of December 1, 2018, all MIAs for veterinary use will be on the PDL and must

Call for nominations: RVT seat on Council

Call for Nominations for RVT Seat on SVMA Council New SVMA Bylaw 3.2.b allows for the inclusion of one RVT member on SVMA Council. Subsequent to the discussion of the nominating and voting processes held at the SAVT AGM November 3rd, all member DVMs and RVTs are asked to consider nominating a registered veterinary technologist for the first voting position to be held by a SVMA/SAVT member RVT. (Details and a nomination form above.) Nominations close November 30, 2018 Please send nominations to the SVMA office by email to by fax to 306-975-0623, or by regular post (not recommended

Practice Owners Economic Survey is now out

From CVMA: A couple of weeks ago, the 2018 Practice Owners Economic Survey was mailed out to everyone. This year, we are doing a tiered deadline draw. The dates are as follows: If you submit your survey by: October 19, 2018 your name will be entered in the draw three times October 26, 2018 your name will be entered in the draw twice November 2, 2018 your name will be entered in the draw once For further information, please contact: Alexandra Schlesiger Coordinator, Programs & Membership Canadian Veterinary Medical Association 339, rue Booth Street, Ottawa (Ontario) K1R 7K1 t: 613.236.1162

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