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First renewal of GHP exceeds expectations

Subscribers of SVMA’s Group Health Insurance and Benefits Plan are in for a pleasant surprise! Every group benefits plan is reviewed annually by the insurance provider and new rates are set for the coming year. For small groups, they usually go up a bit … or a lot. For large groups like SVMA’s GHP, increases upon renewal will always be lower than for small groups. The amount of increase is determined by a combination of inflation, age increases, claims history and a thing called ‘trend’. ‘Trend’ refers to increases within a health service industry that reflect their own rising costs.

CVMA revises position statement on declawing

OTTAWA, Ont. – The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) has revised its previous position statement from 2011 on the onychectomy (declaw) of domestic felids to clearly oppose the procedure. The CVMA changed the position statement’s title to Domestic Felid Partial Digital Amputation (Onychectomy or Declawing) to better reflect the nature of the procedure, and explicitly states that it “opposes elective and non-therapeutic Partial Digital Amputation (PDA), commonly known as declawing or onychectomy, of domestic cats.” “The CVMA felt a strong need to address this issue as it is very important to veterinarians and Canadians as a whole,” says Dr. Troy

Hill’s expands voluntary recall of canned dog foods

Hill’s is expanding the voluntarily recall of canned dog food products relating to the January 31st recall. Please see the following: Hills’ Advisory about Expansion of Voluntary Recall – March 20 Form A- Hill’s Expanded Voluntary Recall – Diagnostic reimbursement Form B- Hill’s Expanded Voluntary Recall – Patient form for use by veterinary clinic Update on Canned Dog Food Recall – Feb 08. 2019 Hill’s is voluntarily recalling select canned dog food products due to potentially elevated levels of vitamin D. Hill’s Canada plans to support veterinarians in their relationship with their clients and their pets. As an expression of

PED suspect samples will be tested free at PDS

In light of the announcement from Alberta Pork on another case of confirmed PED, we would like to remind veterinarians and producers that the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture provides free testing, at Prairie Diagnostic Services, for samples from pigs suspected of having PED. Clinical signs of PED in pigs include: Sows: watery diarrhea, loose feces, vomiting, off feed. Weaners and Growers: acute watery diarrhea with no blood or mucus, vomiting, off feed. Prewean Piglets: diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting, malnourishment, high mortality Reports coming from Alberta indicate that symptoms in the most recent case were VERY MILD – including mild diarrhea, some

New SVMA Registrar selected

We are happy to announce that Dr Marc Cattet (DVM, PhD) will be taking over for Dr Judy Currie in the role of SVMA Registrar. Dr Cattet will be working in the SVMA office starting March 1, 2019. Dr Currie will still be onsite until the end of March. Marc Cattet is a veterinarian and researcher with a varied background as it relates to animals. He received his B.Sc. (Guelph ‘82) and M.Sc. (Alberta ’88), and worked as a wildlife technician with the Government of the Northwest Territories, before completing his veterinary education (OVC ’93). He then worked as a

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