Bovine TB is under investigation in BC -CFIA

Bovine TB is under investigation in BC -CFIA

December 17, 2018

As you may be aware, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the BC Ministry of Agriculture have initiated a joint investigation into bovine TB on a premises in south/central BC.

At this point, the response is continuing to progress as expected and we continue to have the cooperation of producers involved.

For your information, the response has involved the following:

  • • The CFIA has gathered the required information about the infected animal and the index farm operations to support follow up actions with contact farms.
  • Trace out activities have been initiated which we expect to impact other premises in south/central BC identified and in Alberta.
  • Movement controls are in place for the index farm and on-farm testing is underway.
  • There are no laboratory results related to the strain of bovine TB available yet. Note, this could take several months IF the laboratory is able to grow the organism.
  • It is early in the tracing process and information is still being gathered.

The CFIA will be posting updates regarding the investigation on its website at
If you have any specific questions regarding your role as an Accredited Veterinarian, please contact your local CFIA district office,

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