Advisory about RVT/AHT student registration in SK

Advisory about RVT/AHT student registration in SK

January 17, 2019

VT or AHT students who have a practicum placement in Saskatchewan or who are working in a Saskatchewan veterinary clinic, or working in any capacity as a veterinary technologist must be registered with the SAVT and the SVMA, in order to practise veterinary medicine legally, even while under supervision.

According to The Veterinarians Act (1987), 16(1) The council shall, in accordance with the bylaws, cause a register of all members and students to be kept. Therefore, a veterinary technologist without valid SAVT and SVMA certification (in the appropriate category) is not permitted to perform technologist’s duties.

The SVMA has the responsibility to regulate anyone practising veterinary medicine in Saskatchewan. Please ensure that students who are coming to Saskatchewan to work in your practice have applied for membership with the SVMA and SAVT.

SVMA Bylaws (See Bylaw 7); Membership Categories and Operational Policies document

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